Each person has a good idea of what kind of physique they want. You can specify if you want to “tone” or “build” muscle. Generally, women want to “tone,” while men want to “build”. However, toning and building muscle are basically the same physiologic process.

In the context of the body’s normal functioning, “muscle tone” simply means that the muscle fibers are being stimulated by the central nervous system. But in common use, the designation “toned” pertains to the appearance of a musculature that is hard, as opposed to flaccid, and noticeable, but not overly so. In this respect, a toned body implies a lean body, one low in body fat and showing some muscle definition and shape. By “building” muscle it is usually meant, getting as much muscle as possible up to and including the bodybuilder’s look.

The same basic physical process is necessary whether you want to tone or build muscle or whether you want to shape particular body parts or increase strength. We will help you to achieve any of these goals which will involve progressive resistance training.